The gender agenda in financial planning

When it comes to money, are men financial dare devils while women are more cautious and seek security?

Does this surprise you?

Men and women it seems, have very different attitudes to their management of money:

  • Conservative investors
  • Focused on income
  • Low risk takers
  • Long term view
  • Willing to take advice
  • Keeps information private
  • Patient investors
  • More successful than men
  • Aggressive investors
  • Focused on capital gains
  • Higher risk takers
  • Short term view
  • Less interested in advice
  • Keen to brag
  • Impatient for result
  • Overly self confident

Far be it from us to make comment on these results, but according to Shane Oliver, AMP Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy, the figures should be convincing fund managers to balance out the gender representation in their recruitment in both funds management and advice departments.