What can a Financial Planner help me with?

Professional, qualified financial planners are adept at helping their clients with all their financial matters. By first thoroughly considering your circumstances, they can develop proven yet tailored strategies to help you reach your goals.

But if you want to get down to the nuts and bolts, Financial Planners can actually assist with a variety of problems faced by thousands of Australians. Here’s a list of 20 reasons Australians seek out Financial Planners (and can get the help they need).

  • Understanding where their income is going.
  • Good income but little to show for it – how to stop the rot.
  • Giving their child the best chance in life.
  • The best way to save money for their grandchildren.
  • Buying their own home.
  • How to help young adult children get into the property market.
  • How to be a good saver – paying yourself first.
  • Understanding what makes a good investment.
  • Saving tax.
  • How to manage capital gains.
  • Worrying what would happen if they got sick and couldn’t work – where would the money come from?
  • Worrying what would happen if you died – would that spell family ruin?
  • How to prevent misunderstandings and family feuds when you die.
  • How to make sure you can look forward to retirement and not stress.
  • How to use what assets you have to help you build more wealth.
  • Understanding how Centrelink and pensions work.
  • How to prepare for loved ones needing Aged care.
  • Superannuation – is there something better?
  • How to buy an investment property in their super fund.
  • How to invest in the share market